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Torrevieja is a town in Alicante famous for its beaches and its secluded coves. However, it has five blue flags (El Cura, Los NÁufragos, Cala Piteras, Los Locos and La Mata). But Torrevieja is not only known for its beaches. Salt extraction here is unique, because the lagoon does not dry out like typical salt mines in the world, once precipitated in the bottom, it is collected with a specially designed machine.

Torrevieja also stands out for its natural appeal, with a pink lagoon and salt mountains as backdrop. The salt mines make up the natural park of Lagunas de La Mata and Torrevieja.

Torrevieja is a town known for its gastronomy and quality of life, as well as its wide range of leisure activities. Torrevieja’s gastronomy is famous for quality, with incredible dishes and a high standard hotel sector with exceptional services. Its products come from the sea and its nearby orchid, the rich and famous Bajo Segura Garden Torrevieja’s cuisine is based on fish, famous for its well-known cauldron. The cauldron is nothing more than a rice dish made with fine fish broth, the best rock fish broth. These species follow a food regime that gives them later a characteristic flavor, which pairs well with tasty wines. This type of rice is prepared in an iron container called «cauldron», which gives it a more particular taste.

Moreover, if you want to practice sports and enjoy the sea, Torrevieja has a wide range of water activities all year round. From diving courses, to training courses, windsurfing courses, kayak trips, maritime excursions, fishing trips and much more.

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