Torrent is a lively city full of culture and emotions. Chocolate forms part of Torrente’s history, famous for the traditional production in the capital of l’Horta Sud in the 19th century, when the first two family-owned chocolate companies merged in 1856 that subsequently allowed Torrent to become the largest chocolate industry in Spain.

Likewise, we can visit the most representative element of Torrent’s history and heritage, the Tower. A declared Cultural Interest building that has been the hub in the city since it was built by mandate of the San Juan del Hospital Order in the mid-14th century. This visit is part of a route through the historic center and the Regional Museum of l’Horta Sud, l’Hort de Trénor and the Holy Week Museum.

Speaking of festive activity, Torrent is famous for its Holy Week (Easter), which is declared a Regional Tourist Interest Asset, with the unique Reina del Encuentro figure, a real Spanish treasure. Fallas is also an important part of the festive calendar, a festival declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity with 29 commissions. In addition, other festivities include the Entrà de la flor, Sant Antoni del porquet or, the summer festivals such as thr Moors and Christians or Rockejat that, together with the Jazz Panorama festival or the music and tradition of Arrels, complete a cultural and musical option. Gastronomy is also linked to the festival and tradition; It is typical to enjoy in San Blas gaiatos and santblaiets or Torrente’s dish par excellence, the Rossejat torrentí.

Torrent, geographic epicenter of the Region of Valencia, enjoys rich heritage that allows to carry out a multitude of activities in the different natural areas of Vedat or Serra Perenxisa.