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Food is one of the main attractions of Vinaròs, therefore, in the town there are many food festivals throughout the year that offer the chance to enjoy the typical products of this land. Both Vinaròs Llépol and Tasting Vinaròs are two initiatives that promote and extol the town’s culinary practice. Its maritime tradition and the great variety of vegetables of its agriculture provide a wide variety of flavours and aromas of the Mediterranean cookbook. The rice, fish and seafood, along with Vinaròs king prawn, have gained great reputation in the culinary world due to its taste and quality, and they are the basis of the most varied cuisine and tasty dishes that you will delight you.

The most important gastronomic appointment is the King Prawn Festival. This gastronomic and tourist event has a long tradition and antiquity. It takes place in Vinaròs during August, period during which a lot of tourists come to the Mediterranean coast of Spain.

One of the first King Prawn Festival took place in 1965, and, that special year, the guest of honour was the versatile painter Salvador Dalí. His visit was so significant that Vinaròs became an important place to visit in the Spanish map and unveiled the most precious gastronomic product, the king prawn. Nowadays, King Prawn Festival is the biggest attraction of Vinaròs during the month of August. The most spectacular event of this festival is the popular king prawn tasting which takes place in the promenade. They give more than 300 kg. to the people who participate in it.

On the other hand, Vinaròs offers all the possibilities for enjoying the sea with its 12 km of coastline, extending from the Sénia river to the ravine of Aiguadoliva, providing Vinaròs a peculiar characteristic. Its twenty-two sheltered coves among the rocks, with its unique landscape, and sandy beaches. All of these beaches have the ISO 14001 environmental certification, guaranteeing its correct maintenance, cleanliness and respect for the environment. The coast is divided into three zones: the northern and southern coves, and downtown beaches. The largest concentration of tourists is located in the downtown beaches.

The beaches El Fortí and El Fora del Forat are located parallel to the promenade, and El Clot beach, lies along the town centre, connecting the port to the Cervol river. All of them are spacious and easily accessible, and they have a large variety of services, sports and leisure activities for all ages. Vinaròs also offers two beaches suitable for dogs, the beach of Aiguadoliva, on the south coast, and the Les Llanetes cove, on the north coast

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Route from the Sea to the Table
It is a gastronomic experience developed by the town of Vinaròs. It shows the process between fishing in a boat until tasting in a restaurant, passing through the Municipal Market or Casa Membrillera.