The Allosaurus in the Alameda de Morella. | Turisme de Morella

Although dinosaurs became extinct millions of years ago, there are still traces of their passage in different archaeological sites and enclaves of the Region of Valencia. Paleontologists work on finding these fossils in different geographical locations.

The Region is a territory that offers visible and accessible footprints, once the site is valued and delimited for the citizen’s enjoyment.

Fans and enthusiasts of prehistoric times and dinosaurs have the opportunity to enjoy an aeroponic themed route, where you can see the traces of some of these awesome creatures that inhabited the Earth millions of years ago. Among its many resources, the Valencian territory offers the option of contemplating the ichnites of different dinosaur species along a route that concentrates a series of sites congregated in six municipalities. The Generalitat Valenciana has enabled a route for all those who wish to discover these giant inhabitants that are now extinct from our lands. The archaeological sites that contain these Palaeolithic remains were equipped with facilities to enable the access of visitors, with parking areas and information centers. Some also have walkways and lookouts that enhance the experience and the public’s view. The Dinosaurs Route, runs through towns of the Valencian geography such as Morella, Alpuente, Millares, Bicorp, Chera or Dos Aguas, which offer the visitor a tourist and cultural stop to also enjoy its gastronomy and architecture.

Considered Assets of Cultural Interest of the Region of Valencia, these sites show the evolution of the Iberian Region during millions of years, from the Jurassic to the Upper Cretaceous era.

Dinosaur footprints / Levante-EMV

Visitors who decide to make this route will see traces of different dinosaurs, from small biped herbivores (in the Rambla del Tambuc de Millares) to carnivores of the theropod family (in Corcolilla and Vallivana, in Alpuente and Morella), including the enormous sauropods of the Cañada Paris (Alpuente). To further enjoy the prehistoric experience, recently the Generalitat Valenciana has installed life-size replicas of dinosaurs along the route. These figures range between three and eight meters in height.

Paleontological museums

For dinosaur enthusiasts, the prehistoric experience in the Region of Valencia does not end with the Dinosaurs Route, since some of the municipalities along this route offer the possibility to visit their paleontological museums, where you can find fossil remains and life-size reproductions of these animals.

This is the case of Morella and Alpuente, which, in addition to having traces of different dinosaurs in their sites, they have created complementary museums to improve the visiting experience. The Paleontological Museum of Alpuente was designed to inform and thrill the visitor. This room offers the findings of paleontologists of the area and explains their work.

Something similar happens in Morella with the museum Tiempo de dinosaurios (Amongst the dinosaurs), which exhibits the remains of the different prehistoric species discovered in the city.