València’s orography and weather make it an ideal city for running. The capital of the Region of Valencia has a very flat terrain, exceptional weather conditions due to a mild climate and, in addition, it has countless areas that tempt you to put on your running shoes. To name just a few: the old Turia Riverbed, the seafront or Cabecera Park.

The Turia Riverbed is a garden that spreads over 8 kilometers and thanks to its paved and grass areas, each day it becomes a natural circuit surrounded by pine forests and fountains that delight enthusiasts. Cabecera Park has a land surface with ramps and steps along its 2.4 kilometers.

Valencia’s calendar of races is broad and it is famous for the Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Marathon, which takes place in November and that last year had 22,000 runners, a participation record with 36% of runners from 90 different countries. The race is climbing positions in the ranking of the best marathons in the world, close to being the world top ten of long-distance running. After New York, Boston, Chicago, Berlin, London and Tokyo, the Valencia Marathon leads the second group comprising Paris, Dubai, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Athens, Shanghai and Fukuoka.

The Half Marathon of Valencia is another great race. In 2018, over 15,000 runners participated in the race that took place in October. Also noteworthy is the 15K Nocturna and the Valencia Triathlon.