Turismo de Onda

Declared a Historic-Artistic and Cultural Interest Site (BIC), visitors strolling through Onda’s historic center get immersed in a city where Muslims, Jews and Christians cohabited. A trip to medieval times starting from the Almudín square to the Plaza de la Sinagoga square, passing through the Morería neighborhood, and conquering the Muslim fortress of the 10th century: a castle that achieved its maximum splendor thanks to Islamic culture. Moreover, the new Nature Interpretation Center «Onda Natura» is already open, which is located in the Molí de la Reixa Building. The city’s wide range of options make it a strong alternative for family and nature tourism. At the foot of the Sierra de Espadán Natural Park, the municipality has many hiking trails. Fun and adventure sports are guaranteed in the surroundings of the Sitjar reservoir, where you can experience unique experiences surrounded by nature. Onda also has an important museum network that includes the “Manolo Safont” Tile Museum with more than 80,000 objects and in the city you can taste cuisine prepared with local products which include pots, rice and sweets, all in the hands of the best restaurateurs. Likewise, the City is promoting an ambitious plan that will turn Onda into the first Smart City in the province with over 20,000 inhabitants. Electronic information devices have been installed to improve the experience of tourists who visit.