Quique Dacosta The chef, winner of three Michelin stars, broadens his culinary offer in Valencia with a new concept focused on product-based cuisine. | F. Bustamante

The Region of Valencia can be proud to be one of the territories with the best gastronomy, both nationally and internationally. In fact, in 2019 the Region has managed to break the barrier of the 20 stars awarded annually by the Michelin Guide. Thus, this coming 2019, the Valencian territory will have 24 Michelin stars, distributed among 19 Valencian restaurants. This is just an example of the national and international recognition of Valencian cuisine. Beyond these 19 award-winning restaurants, Valencian culture has a balanced diet, the Mediterranean Diet, which is included in the list of World Heritage Assets of the UNESCO, for its healthy properties. Likewise, the paella is one of the most recognized and popular dishes of the Valencian territory. It is exported to almost every corner of the world due to its popularity among diners. Among the most renowned restaurants in the Valencian landscape, Quique Dacosta’s restaurant is one of them. With three Michelin stars, it is the most awarded restaurant in the Region. It stands out because it only uses local products- up to 75 kilometers away-.

Ricard Camarena has just won his second Michelin star/ Levante-EMV

Dacosta restaurant is the most evident and outstanding proof of the HORECA sector’s excellence in the province of Alicante, which has 11 of 19 restaurants awarded by the Michelin Guide 2019, representing a total of 15 of the Region’s 24 stars. Ricard Camarena is another great chef in the Region, who can boast about leading a project that already has two Michelin stars. This makes it the best restaurant in the province of Valencia.

Beyond the two most distinguished names in the Valencian cuisine, there are other great restaurants along the Valencian geography. Xàbia is one of the best Valencian gastronomic locations, as evidenced by its restaurants BonAmb or El Rodat that can also boast of having been awarded by the famous Red Guide.

La Escaleta (Cocentaina), La Finca (Elx), El Poblet (València) and Casa Manolo (Daimús) are other restaurants in which food critics have agreed on pointing out as some of the most outstanding this year. The Alicante town of Calp is on the maps of Valencian haute cuisine, for the «white and light that the restaurant of elaborated Mediterranean cuisine receives» Beat, a true discovery of 2018 at the hands of Valencian chef José Manuel Miguel, the first and only Spanish to get a Michelin star in France and in Spain, with his restaurants Il Vino and Goust (France) and in his homeland, Beat.Finally, the last great discovery in Valencian gastronomy is La Salita restaurant. Located in Valencia, it is the only restaurant to sneak into the top ten Valencian list of restaurants in the 55 Levante-EMV restaurants guide without owning any Michelin star.

Begoña Rodrigo is the manager of La Salita, one of the best restaurants in Valencia. / Levante-EMV