La Feria del ganado de Dolores atrae muchos turistas cada año | Dolores

Dolores is a town in the province of Alicante, known for its traditional livestock fair, which has been held continuously since almost the origins of the locality, taking a relevant boom in the area and district back in the decade of the 40s and 50s, and being the natural forum of transactions of animals bred for working in the field and for food production. The importance of the Dolores Cattle Fair was high, even with the decrease of the primary sector in favor of the rest of economic sectors and, therefore, the Fair, which satisfied a need of farmers and ranchers, was in continuous decline.

The revival of Dolores Fair Cattle goes back to the year 1987, in which a group of breeders and fans, together with the Municipal Corporation and the Cría Caballar de Albacete and Alicante’s staff, committed themselves to set up a small fair and morphological contest, in which the ancient traditional cattle market of our forefathers began to be restored, promoting the old uses and customs so ingrained in the town of Dolores. The success was absolute, for the partition forecasts were far below the amount of cattle that came to the call.

Some of the most outstanding events of the Fair are the Purebred Spanish Horse Morphological Contest, the National Selected Cattle Market, the Canine Agility Contest, the Equestrian and Traditional Cattle Exhibitions or the Regional Typical Products exhibition. Dolores Fair (Fegado) is currently positioned as the most important livestock event in the Region of Valencia, as well as a real tourist attraction, both for its extensive tradition and the volume of heads attracted during the first week of August as per the number of visitors it receives. During these days the municipality celebrates a unique festival around the animal world for all kinds of farms of Spain that stay in the population located south of the province of Alicante.