Benicàssim beach | ACF Fotógrafos / Paco Poyato

Geographically, Benicàssim is made up of three distinct areas: the town centre, the coastal area (Las Villas), and the Desert de les Palmes. The Villas area is equipped with a full infrastructure for tourists: hotels, restaurants, campsites, clubs, bars and cafés, a rehabilitation centre and a youth hostel. The coastal area is divided into five beaches: Voramar, Almadraba, San Vicente, Els Terrers and Heliopolis, all gently sloping and with fine sand, as well as security, cleaning services, public access points, showers and an entertainment team during the summer months. Over the last few years, these beaches have been awarded Blue Flag status. The Desert de les Palmes, today a listed Natural Site, is home to a wide range of aromatic plants and different species of trees. Calle Sant Tomás is Benicàssim’s main street and is where the village comes to life, owing to the multitude of establishments to which it is home: cafés, bars, restaurants, ice cream and perfume shops… It is also home to the Parish Church (1769-1776), a Neoclassical building.

Resting in the sand | ACF Fotógrafos / I. Brotons

Ky-Mani Marley performance in Rototom fest of Benicàssim | Europa Press